Swifter Than Eagles

Swifter Than Eagles

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Also knows as "Swarm of Beagles" or "Swifter than Beagles", this book contains a number of fairly low-tech armies only really suitable for beating each other up and rather underpowered out of period. The creme of the crop tends to be basically anything with armour as that can then chop up the large numbers of protected and even unprotected troops on offer. The best bits look to be the doubles ranked bow armed superior jobbies who can shred incoming troops and stand up in a fight a swell

Armies on offer include

Nubian ; Early Libyan ; Later Sumerian or Akkadian ; Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptian ; Hyksos ; Mitanni ; Syro-Canaanite ; New Kingdom Egyptian ; Later Minoan or Early Mycenaean ; Hittite Empire ; Middle or Early Neo-Assyrian ; Later Mycenaean or Trojan ; Sea Peoples ; Philistine ; Neo-Hittite And Aramaean ; Later Hebrew ; Libyan Egyptian ; Urartian ; Median ; Neo-Elamite ; Proto-Arab Allies ; Cimmerian or Early Skythian ; Neo-Assyrian Empire ; Kushite Egyptian ; Neo-Babylonian Empire

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