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Qiang and Di

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Historical Overview Section

During the Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD) five semi-nomadic tribes, including this lot, overran northern China in a period which historians called "The Five Barbarians and the Sixteen Kingdoms" (Wu Hu!). During that period, Di ruled big chunks of land formerly belonging to the Warring States To Western Han Chinese Qin (351-394) and Later Liang (386-403).

The big news of the era happened around 370AD when Fu Jian occupied the whole of northern China. He then embarked upon a plan to conquer southern China, which was then under the Three Kingdoms W Jin And S Dynasties Chinese Eastern Qin Dynasty. In 383 AD, Fu Jian then led an army of about One Million Men south with the intention of destroying the Eastern Jin. He met the Jin's main forces at Feishui (Fei River). Most of the troops were Poor and under the command of allied generals and had little or no loyalty to the leader, having been forced to join, or having joined only because of military rations and pay. Many units, sorry Battle Groups were undrilled and had problems following orders as instructed by their commanding officers. Fu was warned of the poor training of his heterogeneous army, but instead chose to rely on the vast number of men that made up the army saying "My army is so huge that if all the men throw their whips into the Yangtze, its flow will be stopped,"

The Jin Army was of only about eighty thousand, but they were all really high quality troops. Both armies set up either side of a transverse river, showing the battle was originally planned in the DBM Era. Xie Xuan, leader of the Eastern Jin sent a messenger to the Qiang and Di leader suggesting that his forces retreat slightly west to allow Jin forces to cross the Fei River and start fighting. Fu Jin, being a muppet, agreed, and attempted to redeploy loads of Poor Undrilled troops in close proximity to the enemy. Many of his soldiers began to wonder why a sudden retreat order was given. Already retreat with a lowered morale, they bottled it, went into a panic and were routed.

Fu Jian's campaign to conquer the south thus ended in disaster and his empire fell apart. He retreated to his capital of Changan, left his son Fu Pi in charge of the capital, and returned to his home base in southern Gansu province to find new recruits from his own Di people. While on his way, Fu Jian was captured by the soldiers of the hostile Kingdom of Later Qin (384-417AD). He was later hanged by the ruler of Later Qi.

Using the army in FoG

  • The crap version with loads of poor troops is just that.
  • The foot are rather unspecial, so maybe a mounted version with maximised allies is perhaps viable.

Tournament Results with this army

Have a look for them on the Official FoG Database on the FoG site to see if anyone is daft enough to try this pile of poo.

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Painting and Collecting the Army

  • Paint schemes, insignia, shield designs? Put it here.

15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

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