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Historical Overview Section

This is the Scandanavian army of the Northern Crusades, where the east Baltic world was transformed by military conquest: first the Livs, Latgallians and Estonians, then the Semigallians, Curonians, Prussians and the Finns underwent defeat, baptism, military occupation and sometimes extermination by groups of Danes, Germans and Swedes. There are some great history in these lists, although it is basically a Viking army with Knights.

Using the army in FoG

  • I'd say this army is only really usable with Wendish allies. Having no real effective Medium Foot makes this a difficult army to run against non-historical opponents, and indeed historical opponents are likely to cause headaches.
  • I like the idea of running Armoured Knights to deal with things other than enemy Knights, and Heavily Armoured Knights to deal with enemy Knights, but you can't do this and have Wends which is a real pity.

UK Tournament Results with this army

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The large BG Wendish foot is essential to this army. Taking a single BG of 10-12 Impact Foot will pretty much deny any terrain from practically anyone. Taking a second BG will all but guarantee any terrain you really want to have will be yours. The down side to this means that if you take Wends you can't have Armoured Knights. Many people wouldn't see this as a down-side, but I don't mind the idea of having both Armoured and Heavily Armoured Knights,

Painting and Collecting the Army

There would be a lot of lost hereldry with this army, but one banner you can start to use (with the Danes) is the current national flag of Denmark (the Dannebrog). It apparently flew from the sky during the battle of Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219. This makes it the oldest state flag still in use today. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Denmark.

15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

This is a listing of Viking figures. A full listing of all known 15mm manufacturers for all ranges with details of who supplies what can be found in my 15mm Suppliers directory. You can see some of these figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site. For medieval knights, check out any of the medieval armies, maybe the Normans at this period?

Image Image Image Image

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
Danish Post Viking Scandanavian with Wendish Allies

  • Danish C-in-C Troop Commander
  • 2 x Danish Sub-General Troop Commanders
  • 1 x Wendish Ally-General Field Commander
  • 2 BG's of Knights - 4 Knights/Heavily Armoured/Superior/Undrilled/-/Lancer/Swordsmen
  • 4 BG's of Leidang - 8 Heavy Foot/Protected/Average/Undrilled/-/Offensive Spearmen/-
  • 1 BG of Wendish Cavalry - 4 Cavalry/Armoured/Superior/Undrilled/-/Light Spear/Swordsmen
  • 2 BG's of Wendish Infantry - 10 Medium Foot/Protected/Average/Undrilled/-/Impact Foot/Swordsmen
  • 1 BG of Archers - 8 Light Foot/Unprotected/Average/Undrilled/Bow/-

There are some options here, and each to their own on how to use it. I didn't particularly want a field commander as the ally, but I had the points left over and I didn't really want to have the initiative bonus. Additionally, the fact that I've got 1 commander leading 1/3 of the army means that the extra range may be essential.

Allies can give rear support, so the Wendish Cavalry can support the Leidang and Knights, but unfortunately can't support the Wends themselves, so one option may be to muck around with points and get 6 Wendish Cavalry, but seeing the Wendish Cavalry aren't going to do much fighting unless they see an oportunity, I didn't want to have too big a BG to manouver. You could save money on the armour, but again I had the points left over.

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