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Historical Overview Section

Following the end of the 11th century, Denmark underwent a transition from a decentralized realm with a weak and semi-elected royal institution and little to no nobility, into a realm which more reflected European feudalism, with a powerful king ruling through an influential nobility. A high point was reached during the reign of Valdemar II, who led the formation of a Danish "Baltic Sea Empire", which by 1221 extended control from Estonia in the east to Norway in the north. During the reign of Valdemar IV and his daughter Margrethe I, the realm was re-invigorated and following the Battle of Falköping, Margrethe I had her sister's son, Eric of Pomerania crowned King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden after the signing of the union charter of Kalmar (The Kalmar Union), Trinity Sunday 1397. Much of the next 125 years of Scandinavian history revolves around this union, with Sweden breaking off and being re-conquered repeatedly.

Using the army in FoG

  • The main problem with the army is the high cost of all the units, with nothing cheap to pad out the army, and only 1 BG of LF to take care of any Difficult Going that might be deployed although the mixed levy do make half decent terrain troops as heavy weapon isn't upset by terrain and the MF crossbow aren't disordered by most terrain either.
  • At 80pts per BG for the levy units, they're not cheap, but if supported properly they can be quite effective. The average rating means the infantry can be fragile against knights and pikemen at impact, so keep a general handy for the CT. Using BG's of 8 maximises both shooting and the benefit of generals. At impact vs knights a BG of 8 will get 12 dice on 5's re-rolling 1's, against 8 dice on 4's re-rolling 1's & 2's – for an average of 4.7 hits, usually enough to kill a knight base. In melee they're on level term even against H/Armoured knights. (and almost anyone else as well - even pikes & Romans)
  • Against mounted the way the rules work is that assuming the heavy foot are in the front rank and the crossbow in the second rank then opponents fight only heavy foot. The Crossbow will be able to add an impact dice for overhead shooting so on a 1 base frontage enemy mounted (ie Knights in period) will get 2 dice at + and the levy 3 dice at – per base frontage. That's pretty even.
  • Don't forget that the rear rank bases of crossbow fire as if in the front rank, so at short range they would still get all their dice
  • If any of the heavy foot are missing, or any MF are in the front rank due to an odd deployment then any knights fighting medium foot will have a ++ at impact. A mixed BG of heavy & medium foot takes cohesion tests as if entirely heavy (see p113) so the -1 penalty for MF losing to mounted in the open only kicks in if all the HF have been lost – by which time the BG is auto broken anyway
  • You can use the cav to skirmish, falling back through the pike and levy. Use them together with the LF for a shooting firearm bonus to enemy CTs
  • Armoured Halberdiers are tough enough to go into terrain and flush out anyone hiding in there. They're going to lose 1:3 of their dice, but they are still armoured (generally a +POA vs anything in terrain) and HW (generally a +POA vs anything in terrain) so are probably going to be at least a +POA.

UK Tournament Results with this army

29 / 62 Later medival Danish Britcon 2008 15mm (open)

Allied Contingents

  • Swedish, Later Medieval : From 1397 Storm of Arrows 67 Up to 24 armoured mixed foot formations, not adding too much new
  • German, Later Medieval : Any Storm of Arrows 61 Knights and Spears/Pikes are compulsary, as are XB. Almost too big to use, but not enough of anything to give it real bite

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15mm Manufacturers supplying figures suitable for Late Medieval Armies

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Core Troops

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Army Lists

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  • with troop desctiptions on each line, for example
  • 4 HF Armoured Average Drilled Impact Foot Swordsmen
  • 8 LG Undrilled Unarmoured Poor Bowen
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