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Historical Overview Section

When the Arabs invaded Cyprus in 688, the emperor Justinian II and the caliph Abd al-Malik reached an unprecedented agreement. For the next 300 years, Cyprus was ruled jointly by both the Arabs and the Byzantines despite the nearly constant warfare between the two parties on the mainland. In 1185, the last Byzantine governor of Cyprus, Isaac Comnenus rose in rebellion and although his attempted coup was unsuccessful Comnenos was able to retain control of the island

In the 12th century A.D. Cyprus became a regular toilet stop for bus parties of Early Crusaders shuttling between Europe, Byzantium and The Holy Land. Richard the Lionheart landed in Limassol on the 1st of June 1191 in search of his sister and his bride Berengaria, whose ship had become separated from the fleet in a storm. Upon her arrival, the ruler Isaac Comnenus of Cyprus requested that Berengaria deboard, which she refused, and upon her own refusal was denied supplies from Comnenus. Richard took this as an insult and attacked the island which was easily subdued. Comnenus was bound to lend aid to Richard in his crusade against Saladin, an oath which he later broke, and Richard had him bound in silver chains (as he swore not to bind Comnenus in iron) and kept prisoner till his death in 1194 or 1195. The army of Richard the Lionheart continued to occupy Cyprus and raised taxes. After local revolts he decided to sell the island to the Knights Templar, who were unable to hold the island because of further hostility among the local population due to tax raising. A rebellion which took place on April 6 1192 made the Templars sell the island to Guy de Lusignan (1192-1194) who established himself in May 1192. The crusaders described him as "simplex et minus astutus", though he did set the foundation of Cypriot society in the Lusignan period. He invited Palestinian barons, disenfranchised by Saladin to move on the island, granting them feudal rights over huge estates, using the Cypriots as serfs.

Guy was succeeded by his older brother Aimery (1194-1205). During his reign, the Latin church took over the dioceses of the Orthodox, creating a long standing dispute that also characterized the Lusignan period. Amaury also managed to get Cyprus recognized as "kingdom", a title granted to him by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI. He then regained officially the title of the King of Jerusalem by marrying Henry II of Champagne's widow, Isabel. Though in name only, this title was something the Lusignan kings were very proud of as it appears on the Cypriot coat of arms. After some skirmishing in Acre with the Ayyubid Egyptian Sultan of Egypt al-Malkik al-Adil, a treaty was granted in 1204 giving him some advantages in Palestine. It is said that his eating too much fish in one sitting was his cause of death in 1205. A long and complex seres of successions followed as the island sought political and military safety from the Turks and Crusaders. Finally, in 1473, the Later Catalan forces who were at that time on the island formed a revolt supporting Ferdinand II of Aragon that was put down by the Venetians (who were of course involved in this strategic port in the mediterranean). Due however to the looming threat of the Early Ottoman Turkish Empire, the Italian Condotta Venitians used the then Queen's brother to convince her to abdicate the throne in 1489, ushering in the Venetian period on the island.

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UK Tournament Results with this army

3 / 12 Medieval Cypriot Chester Doubles 2008 (S&S)
3 / 13 Medieval Cypriot IWF 2008 15mm (open)
4 / 12 Medieval Cypriot Chester Doubles 2008 (S&S)
7 / 12 Medieval Cypriot Chester Doubles 2008 (S&S)
8 / 12 Medieval Cypriot Chester Doubles 2008 (S&S)

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