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Historical Overview Section

Mid C9 to 1052.
Kenneth MacAlpin was a king of the Later Pictish Kingdom and according to national myth became the first king of Scots, earning him the posthumous nickname of An Ferbasach, "The Conqueror". Even though his claim to be father of Scotland is a bit iffy, he was the founder of the dynasty which ruled that country for much of the medieval period - a process which happened when the kingships of Gaels and Picts underwent a process of gradual fusion starting with Kenneth, and rounded off in the reign of Constantine II. The meeting of King Constantine and Bishop Cellach at the Hill of Belief near the (formerly Pictish) royal city of Scone in 906 cemented the rights and duties of Picts on an equal basis with those of Gaels (pariter cum Scottis), changing the name of teh ruler from King of the Picts to King of Alba.

The era ends with the Battle of Carham between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Anglo Danish Northumbrians at Carham on Tweed in 1018 or possibly 1016. It is also sometimes known as the Battle of Coldstream, from the town of Coldstream. The battle was a victory for Malcolm, king of Scots and Owain the Bald, King of Strathclyde over Huctred, Earl of the Northumbrians. The battle is thought to have strengthened Scotland's hold on Lothian by some. In 1029 Viking Canute, King of England, Denmark, and Norway, invaded Scotland and seems to have recognised Malcolm's possession of Lothian. This could be recognition of the de facto occupation of Lothian by the Scots before 973. After Carham, much of present day Scotland was under the control of the King of Scots although Viking Norsemen still held sway in Ross, Caithness, Sutherland and The Isles. The Lords of Galloway remained semi-independent.

Using the army in FoG

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UK Tournament Results with this army

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  • Galwegian Any Wolves from the Sea 52 Average MF Impact Foot with Swords. Protected or Unprotected. Different, but in a not very good way.
  • Strathclyde - Post Roman British Before 945 Wolves from the Sea 6 It’s a wall of Protected Defensive (Sp after 600AD)
  • Viking Any Wolves from the Sea 40 Large numbers of HF protected offensive spear, and a hard-core of optional ones with armour or heavy weapon

Painting and Collecting the Army

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15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

For most of the armies in Wolves from The Sea little evidence exists on troop appearance, and a largely irregular look would have been in fashion anyway. So, feel free to go off piste and pick from the following ranges. It may also be worth checking our Renaissance and medieval ranges. Those with Scots-Irish are specifically noted.
You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

Image Image Image Image Image
  • Essex Miniatures Actually have a generic "Dark Age Europeans" range. If you really want Highlanders in skirts then Essex have a number in their Renaissance range (REN89-91, 93).
  • Donnington Up to 40 figures in their Sub-Roman Britain (SRB) range. The Basques and Bretons are possibly not too far off either - now have some New Era range Norse Irish
  • Gladiator Miniatures by Fighting 15's (Gladiator Games) 36-strong Dark Age & SRB foot range
  • Old Glory Dedicated Scots-Irish range, Anglo-Saxons, Arthurian Brits, other Dark Age types
  • Museum Their Medieval Welsh are pretty generic, likewise some of the Norman and Viking ranges
  • Minifigs UK Dark Ages & Norman Conquest range
  • Irregular Minis Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Slavs,
  • Lancashire Games Normans, Saxons, Dedicated Irish/Welsh range,
  • QRF Models (Feudal Castings ranges) Vikings, Irish, Welsh, Anglo Normans, Scots, Anglo-Saxons, Highlanders
  • Tin Soldier Saxon, Norman, Viking, SRB, Rus & Slavs
  • 2 Dragons Vikings & Rus, Anglo-Saxons, Slavs, Carolingians & Normans
  • Isarus (more former TTG figures) Saxons, Normans, Goths, Vikings
  • Outpost SRB, Saxons, Franks
  • Khurasan Vikings for later period Scots-Irish
  • Viking Forge Saxons, Vikings, Franks, Normans
  • Brial Hall’s Hall of Ancient Warriors Norse Irish range has Viking, Scots, Norman figures too
  • Battle Line (NZ) former TTG Ranges, so as above
  • 50 Paces Dark Age Slavs
  • Camelot Games (Italy) Vikings & Rus,
  • MY Miniatures King Arthur range, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings
  • Splintered Light Dedicated Scots-Irish range
  • Pass O The North SRB and Saxon ranges
  • Baueda Viking range
  • Donnington have some "New Era" (ie brand new) Viking and Irish castings

Army Lists

800 AP list used at Roll Call 2009

  • 1 Men with Sticks MF Protected Average Undrilled - Offensive spearmen - - 8
  • 2 Men with Sticks MF Protected Average Undrilled - Offensive spearmen - - 8
  • 3 Cavalry Cv Protected Average Undrilled - Light spear Swordmen - 4
  • 4 Vikings HF armoured Superior Undrilled - Heavy weapon Heavy weapon - 6
  • 4 Viking psiloi LF unprotected Superior Undrilled bow - - - 3
  • 5 Viking men with Sticks HF Protected Average Undrilled - Offensive spearmen - - 8
  • 6 Thegns HF armoured Superior Undrilled - Impact foot Swordmen - 6
  • 7 Thegns HF armoured Superior Undrilled - Impact foot Swordmen - 6
  • 8 Men with Sticks MF Protected Average Undrilled - Offensive spearmen - - 8
  • 9 Men with Sticks MF Protected Average Undrilled - Offensive spearmen - - 8
  • 10 Galwegians MF Protected Average Undrilled - Impact foot Swordmen - 6
  • 11 Galwegians MF Protected Average Undrilled - Impact foot Swordmen - 6

12 Galwegians MF Protected Average Undrilled - Impact foot Swordmen - 6

  • TC TC - - - - - - - 2
  • Allied generals (Viking and Galwegian) TC - - - - - - Ally general 2

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