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Historical Overview Section

King Sancho III had done much to set up a bulwark in northern Iberia against the Andalusian and Taifa Andalusian Moors by uniting many of the petty squabbling northern Christian kingdoms, and before his death in 1035, Sancho divided his possessions among his sons. García received Navarre and the Basque country with a certain seniority over his brothers, Ferdinand had received Castile on the death of count García Sánchez, and Gonzalo got Sobrarbe and Ribagorza. The illegitimate son was given property in the former county of Aragón, with the provision that he ask for no more of his brother García. Garcia established overlordship over the rest fairly quickly, although he then fell out again with Ferdinand (of the ((Feudal Castilian, Leonese or Portuguese)) list), and another brother Ramiro who saw him die in battle killed at the Battle of Atapuerca. This meant that Sancho IV was proclaimed king in the camp by the field where his father died.

Sancho IV was in constant conflict with the ((Feudal Castilian, Leonese or Portuguese)) Castile, culminating in the so-called War of the Three Sanchos (1067–1068). He went on a few more wars against the Taifa Andalusian kingdoms and was defeated by El Cid at the Battle of Morella, probably in 1084. He perished in 1094 at the battle of Huesca, supposedly from an arrow while inspecting the walls of the Muslim stronghold. This pattern of in fighting and fighting the Taifa Andalusians continued for ages, especially under Alfonso the Battler who won military successes in the middle Ebro, where he expelled the Moors from Zaragoza in 1118 and took Egea, Tudela, Calatayud, Borja, Tarazona, Daroca, and Monreal del Campo. He died in September 1134 after an unsuccessful battle with the Moors at the battle of Fraga, and his kingdom was split amongst his sons, setting Navarre and Aragon up as separate kingdoms for a while until Aragon became the Crown of Aragon in uniting with Catalonia in 1147. The Navarrese had more adventures on a similar vein, under a succession of kings usually called Sancho which saw them dabble in European politics until they morphed into someone else in 1328.

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Quite a long period this one, from 1035 to 1328. This listing focuses on Norman-style knights and infantry. You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

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Army Lists

900 AP list used at Badcon 2010

  • 6 LF, Sling
  • 6 LF, pointed stick
  • 6 LF, Bw, Allied French
  • 6 LF, pointed stick
  • 4 LH, JLS, Average
  • 4 LH, JLS, Average
  • 6 Protected Def Spearmen, Undrilled
  • 6 Protected Def Spearmen, Drilled (Military Order)
  • 4 Protected Drilled Bowmen (Mil Orders)
  • 4 Armoured Knights
  • 4 Armoured Knights
  • 4 Armoured Knights
  • 4 Armoured Knights
  • 4 Armoured Knights
  • 4 Drilled Armoured Knights (Military Orders)
  • 4 LH, JLS, Average
  • 4 TCs

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